Sanity check - macro breakdown by item(s) and meal(s)

Dumb question, but something just isn't making sense for me...

When i select one food or multi-select a set of foods or a meal, is the "pie chart" with protein carbs and fat accurate (if my foods are right)?

Sometimes it just looks off for me, but I'm not used to tracking everything so closely and would like a sanity check.



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    Hi kp,

    The pie chart will update to show you the % of energy from each macronutrient contained in the selected food(s).

    Hover over each colour in the pie chart to see how many calories come from each macronutrient.


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks Karen.

    I see what's going on. Some of the foods have pretty big differences in their ratios.

    For example...

    Low-fat cottage cheese (no brand name):
    Protein - 69%
    Carbs - 18%
    Fat - 12%

    Good Culture (brand) Low-fat cottage cheese:
    Protein - 59%
    Carbs - 30%
    Fat - 11%


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