Littleneck clams amino acids composition

Where can I find the amino acid values of "Littleneck clams" other than the amino acids that are already shown in Cronometer?
I am interested to know how much L-glutamine is also contained in the clams?

By the way, the website: Cronometer is the absolutely best website I have ever seen for food nutritional information. Thank you for all of your hard work!


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    Hello @johnbirm03 ,

    We recommend that you use our generic entry for ''Clams, Cooked'' in Cronometer, which provides a complete nutrient and amino acide breakdown. If you focus your searches to whole foods and generic equivalents instead of specific brands, you will get the best results in our software.

    I would recommend also going to the 'Profile' tab, in the 'Nutrients Targets' section and making sure all your amino acids are set to visible if you want to track all of your amino acids.

    Unfortunately, there is very little data available from our sources on the amount of Glutamine in foods. If you already have an idea of the glutamine in the foods you are eating, you could make a note of the amounts for each meal and add them up for the day. Glutamine is not to be confused with glutamic acid, as they are not the same. We can make glutamine from glutamic acid (also called glutamate), though.

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