Hello from Ohio, USA

Hello to all! Just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself before I started posting elsewhere in the forums, as I have some thoughts and questions.

Im Tim. I do all sorts of IT work for a software company in NE Ohio. I discovered Cronometer back in 2016 and used it for awhile, with some success. I then took a hiatus for some life events that pulled me away from Cronometer. The last few weeks, Ive dove back into using Cronometer on a daily basis.

As health issues go, Im a type 1 diabetic (misdiagnosed as type 2 originally). I've also recently been diagnosed with POTS. In an effort to try to just feel better, Ive been using Cronometer to keep me accountable with my lifestyle choices regarding diet and exercise. I always seem to better when I am able to hold myself accountable and Cronometer seems to allow me to do just that, by keeping track of all of the various things that I need to keep track of. One of the changes Ive made recently is getting an activity tracker. I quit wearing a watch years ago, but recently broke down and bought a Fitbit Charge2. I also picked up a more reliable scale from Weight Gurus. The scale integrates with the Fitbit and the Fitbit to Cronometer, so I get the most accurate data that I can, easily into Cronometer.

Having the Gold subscription has been very useful for me by having access to the diary groups and custom biometrics.

Anyway, that's a bit about me. Looking forward to participating.



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