Chronmeter and Fat Secret

Can I log in Chronmeter and have the calories used show up in Fat Secret?

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    I dont know much about FatSecret, but the two applications look like they perform similar functions. There's nothing in the integration list for FatSecret, so Im going to assume the answer is likely no. I can see the user interface looks a bit different and a little more simplistic in relation to calories. Im curious what it is about FatSecret that Cronometer doesnt do?


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    Hi Ruthie,

    Cronometer staff are here on the forums always looking for fsuggestions and you can email us any time at support@cronometer.com

    I will do my best to address your feedback.

    We don't integrate with Fat Secret, as @tcolvinOH correctly guessed. Cronometer is different from other nutrition tracking software in that we are very dedicated to maintaining the most accurate food database with a curation team that reviews each food before it is added to our database

    Cronometer does divide diary into meals - this is a Gold feature. To enable diary groups in the mobile app, tap the Profile tab. Under Settings, tap Diary Settings. Tap the toggle next to Show Groups in Dairy to turn them on. You can edit the names of the diary groups, show more or fewer groups in the diary here as well.
    On the website, you can find the diary settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the diary.

    You can create custom foods and recipes on the mobile app as well! Tap the Foods tab, then Create New Recipe. Give your recipe a name and add ingredients by tapping the orange +. Swipe to the left to customize your serving sizes, and see the full nutrient breakdown and add notes to your recipe.

    You found our Cronometer Community Forums which is a fantastic group of users helping each other. We also have a Facebook group for Cronometer if you like to interact with other users there - check it out!

    Cronometer is free to use both on the website and the free mobile app. The $2.99 app is the ad-free version for those who don't have a Gold subscription but don't like the clutter of ads in their apps.

    I do find the forums easier to use on the website than on my phone - I like being able to see everything on a bigger screen. You will receive a notification when someone comments on your post in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the icon and select the notification to jump directly to that post.

    I hope you find some of this information useful if you decide to give Cronometer a go - let us know what you like and what you don't along the way!


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:


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    Mainly, I am already vested in Fat Secret's social community, but I like the more comprehensive tracking here, and the gold level support. Also, it is easier to add foods in FS, by pulling up favorites or entire saved meals BY TYPE of meal and selecting one.

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    I dont see anything in the searchability on searching by TYPE, but I like the idea (if it were me, I'd suggest it as a feature request - the Cronometer staff seems pretty receptive to feedback and ideas).

    Since Cronometer has the ability to create Custom Foods and Recipes, one thing you could do in entering your own is to add a type to the description of the food. As an example - "ENTREE - Keto Chicken Parm Casserole". This would then let you search on it. However, this idea falls apart for any recipes/foods already in the database.

    The search capabilities of the food/receipe databases could definitely be expanded. Anyway, hope that helps.


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    An article was spot on this morning.


    Cron-o-meter does not divide the food diary into meals.
    You can only add a home cooked recipe on the website, not the app. However, the meal will be available in the app after that.
    It does not have a social community of users.
    Although the website is free, the app costs $2.99.

    In addition, I had to keep logging in every time I wanted to respond, and drill down into the menu to find the community. No thanks to that.

    I looked for a way to make a suggestion, but that is an obscure process. Very unfriendly interface.

    So I think I will only use the tools here like oracle and log someplace else. For instance in coming up with what to have for breakfast, I can fo into FS and just pull up an entire breakfast that I have eaten before.

    Thanks for your responses. Bye.

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    Thank you Karen - Case in point (and please no more responses because I will not read them due to the layers of steps to respond) -I really appreciate your response, but look at how inconvenient it is to see it and reply. I got the email alert that there was mail but I had to come to the site to read it. Then instead of taking me directly to the forum, it took me to log in. From there to the forum. That is convoluted. So I tried my Android. When I clicked the email notice, it took me directly to your response, but then I had to go log in to reply. Who is going to do that (I guess plenty of folk)?

    Anyway, I am a gold member already paid up for the year so I am not going anywhere - this year. I came because you have the most comprehensive nutritional information, and I like the fact that the information is vetted. So you have a good tracker for your unique offering, but IMHO, Cronmeter has a long way to go to be friendly and handy, and no matter how good you are, if the tracker is unfriendly, then I would be inclined to use it less. So yes, for now I will use it more for research, but not for tracking.

    You have answered my initial question - does it link with Fat Secret, with the answer being no. Now that I think about it, it is logical NOT to link with a competitor so thanks for not calling me on that question! Lol! Thanks again.

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    I know this is an old post post but after reading it I went and checked out Fat Secret and I have to say that after seeing it I have to say that Cronometer is much better in terms everything.


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    I agree.

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