Trends Vs. Diary and General Calorie Max

  1. My diary for August 20th for consumed calories does not match the consumed calories on the Trends section; why is that?

  2. Is there a way to see max amount of calories I should eat for the day? I see that I must fulfill my deficit level to lose weight, but not particular calorie goal. Is that because that's variable where as the deficit amount is finite?

I'm relatively new to this app.



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    I know I already answered this question for you via the support email, however, I thought I would post a bit of it (The more generalized; non-account specific) here in case other users have a similar question:

    It's important to Choose Foods with accurate and complete data when adding items to your diary! When creating a custom food, make sure you have entered data for Macronutrients that match the Energy component. If there is conflicting information, the calculations won't come out quite right! Check out this blog post to learn more! https://cronometer.com/blog/6-tips-getting-nutrition-data/

    By setting your Macronutrient target settings to "Custom", your macronutrient targets will be dynamic, meaning they will change based on other factors such as exercise, biometrics, and foods eaten in the day. Setting your targets in this section means setting a ratio, not setting gram amount targets of each macronutrient. To set your macronutrient targets as a numeric value, select "Fixed Targets" in the "Macronutrient Targets" section of your profile page. Then, in the "Nutritional Targets" section of the profile page (Bottom Left) enter your desired target range in each of the corresponding Tabs. You can learn more here: https://cronometer.com/help/diary/#macros

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