Does anyone on here make their own bread?

If so how do you work out the nutrient value per slice of bread? I understand how to add ingredients to the 'Create new recipe' section. What I don't know is how we can work out the nutrients remaining after cooking the bread ... because of evaporation of wet ingredients during cooking is it actually possible to calculate nutrients after cooking (based on pre-cooking quantities)?


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    We use bread mixes in our bread machine. Our bulk wholemeal bread mix comes with nutrition information for the dry mix so that's easy. I have a base recipe for the wholemeal bread that I use by changing the dry content (mix, yeast) weight and finally adjusting the water content per the weight of the loaf that comes out. Our sourdough rye on the other hand has nutrition information for the finished loaf. For that one I just use the supplied information as is. My bread machine tends to produce fairly consistent loaves, and I work off base ingredients from NCCDB or USDA for completeness -- just check the water content to make sure you picked up the right ones for dry mix or finished bread.

    But then the only wet ingredient we use in the whole process is water, and I'm not too fussed if the overall nutrition is off by a bit. Are you using anything in particular that may make this strategy not work for you?

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