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previously there wa s soemthing like a circular image showing totals of fats etc, and wuld liek to get that back as it was much easier to understand, excuse my dyslexic probs etc, but is there a way I can get that back on, my diet was much easier to work around when we had that image saying x amount of % for each, this new one seems too complicated with 2 lots of % for each, very confusing


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    edited August 2018

    The new calories summary visual (Pictured below) will hopefully provide users with a more streamlined experience on the diary page. We hope this new Calories summary will provide a more clear and concise breakdown of Calories consumed, Calories Burned and Calories budgeted for a weight goal.

    The old 'Bar' Graphic has now been redesigned into the new circle graphs labelled Calories Consumed and Calories Burned. Mouse-over these graphics to view a breakdown of macronutrients and activities. Click on a specific food (Or group of foods) in your diary to see the breakdown for that selection. We hope that the 'Budget' graphic will improve clarity of the weight goal. Mouse over this graphic for even more information!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    OH damn, I am sorry, Im not well and not thinking straight, will get gold version when better hopefully
    Thanks Hilary

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