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In my particular case, I'm just tracking calories as my primary concern and basic macros as secondary. If I want to add a food that is not in the database, and I don't want to bother filling out all of the nutrient facts.. essentially I just want to add its, say calorie value and protein value.. how can I do this?

Example case:

I just ate A Boomboom fruit! Yep it does not grow anywhere in the states except my imagination. It has 20 calories and 1 gram of protein per gram of Boomboom.

  1. What would be the fastest way to input this information?
  2. Better yet, Is there just a way to add X amount of calories to they day with a custom label.... similar to how we can add notes to the day, but in this case we add a custom amount of calories to the day.. maybe as an adjustment or maybe as part of a food we really don't want to spend time filling out?



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    Hi Steve,

    The way to achieve this would be to create a custom food with 1 gram serving size and enter in 20 calories and 1 gram protein.

    The software tries to calculate the macros in your calories consumed each day, but with missing data this will through off your charts. Not a concern for you it macros aren't your thing, but just something to be aware of if you would like to look at your calories consumed graph in the trends chart.


    Karen Stark
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    I think you can do better, at least for calories alone. Create a custom food named "Calories". Under "Serving sizes..measure" put "calories". Then under "Nutrients in" enter 1 kcal.

    When you go to add foods, "calories" will show up in the custom menu. Then just enter your calories.

    In your diary, my sushi roll shows up as "470 calories". Too bad you can't add a comment.

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    If you create a food that has calories but no macronutrients, it doesn't show up on the graph.

    I have created a food, named in honour of my generous friend, that I use when I don't want to enter all the numbers. If I eat 100kcal, I will just use 0.1 as amount.

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    For others landing here from a search, there is now an official workaround.

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