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The Macronutrient coloured line in the youtube videos has gone now, it makes it difficult to use have you updated the youtube videos? When you have added food to the diary you only get the macronutrient target percentage for carbs, fats & proteins for each food then you have to go to another day and back to get the total for that complete day, seams awkward! The % of carbs, fats & proteins on the CONSUMED Calories Summary circle is very different from the Macronutrient Targets please explain why and which one I have to pay attention to, to understand if I am meeting the Macronutrient ratios for keto? Also the burned number does not make any sense ?


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    Hi KetoRatio,

    Thanks for the feedback - we are definitely work towards updating our instructional videos to keep pace with our design changes!

    When you add a food to your diary, this should update all nutrients contained in that food. Could you send some screenshots to support@cronometer.com and so we can get a better idea of what is going on there?

    The calories consumed icon is showing the percent of energy coming from each
    of the macronutrients for the foods you have logged in your diary. Hover over each segment in the circle to get more information about it. The Macronutrient Target bars show you the grams of each macronutrient you have consumed and the percent of each of your targets. If you have set up your macronutrient targets for a specific diet pattern (like keto) you might want to pay more attention to the macronutrient target bars.

    The calories burned icon shows you how many calories you have burned today coming from you basal metabolic rate (BMR) + the activity level you have set in your profile (activity) + any exercises you have logged to your diary. You can also hover over each colour in the icon to get more information about where those calories are coming from.


    Karen Stark
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