Recipes that discard part of the ingredients

Here's a challenge for you: I've been trying to figure out how to correctly log my preserved (salted) lemons in cronometer. I use them a lot in recipes, but it seems that the sodium content at the end is way higher than it should be. Yes, there is a lot of salt in preserved lemons (like 3/4 cup to 8 lemons plus 1 cup of water). But after simmering you strain the lemons and rinse off the extra salt. So I'm estimating that at least half of the salt does not remain in the actual recipe. But that's just a guess. You do have "Greenfield Preserved Lemons" in the database, but the sodium content per serving for those is 0 -- which to me doesn't sound correct either. On my recipe, the sodium content comes up with 1752 mg - which is more than what I want to consume for the whole day. Do you have any idea how to go around it? (other than not eat them period?! ;) Thanks for your help and for having such a great app on the market!


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