search for food is lacking in the Andoid app

I tap on "foods" (the apple) and would like to search for a food. I find nothing wherer I could enter a food and search for it. But I find only:

    1. oracle
    1. your foods
    1. your recipes


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    There does not appear to be a search option when searching through custom foods/recipes, that I can see. Only a search for 'Ask the Oracle'. However, a workaround could be to add a food entry from the diary, where you can search through your custom foods that way and will give you at least a macronutrient breakdown.

    I can see that if you have an extensive custom food/custom recipe database that a search would be pretty helpful.


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    Hi Lolinda,

    On the website, you can search for a food in the foods tab to see its nutrient breakdown.

    In the mobile app, search for the food in the diary tab, then tap on "# listed nutrients" link below the macronutrient breakdown. This will show the full nutrient breakdown for the food.

    You can open your custom foods and recipes directly in the Foods tab on the mobile app by finding it in your lists, but as tcolvinOH suggested, this could involve a lot of scrolling if you have a large number of custom foods and recipes.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen,

    yes, I know, I should be able to see the nutrient breakdown in the app when doing as if I wanted to add a food. But th(t fails because there is the bug we discussed before, that the app shows me everything as per 1 unit and I cannot change that to any meaningful quantity such as for example 100g.

    Yes, the web version does it.,I made yetanother attempt to finally switcch to using the app. But it always fails...

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