Disabled and would like to be able to use this website

I don't use my hands when I use the computer. I use a voice recognition program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking along with another program called voice computer to use the computer with just my voice. The way it works is the software looks for links and assigns a number to each link or button. I will say the number attached to the button and it will click it for me. The problem is that for some links the numbers are not showing up on this website so I have to find some work around or I can't use it. I specifically want to use this website because it tracks net carbs. One particular part of the website that is problematic is the food search. Once I search for something there's no way to select the different possible foods that show up. Sometimes in the situation I would use a keyboard shortcut, I just say the key that needs to be pressed and the voice recognition will do it, but I can't find any that work in this situation.


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