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Hello. I am new to Cronometer and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Nathan. I'm married and dad to three amazing girls ages 12, 7, and 5. I'm really good at getting in workouts (yoga, running, lifting), but have struggled to make the right choices with food. Biggest thing for me is keeping track of my intake and remaining accountable. I'd love to get to know other users in a similar situation. Have a great day!


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    Welcome. I find logging helps me remain accountable, or at least, partially accountable. The other side of that is then using the data to make better choices in my intake. Is this your first time doing any kind of food logging? If so, I would start with just discipling yourself to log everything - every food and drink. You'll be amazed when you do that where things are hidden - such as sugar.

    What are some of your specific struggles?


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