homemade almond milk

As homemade almond milk is unfortified, I would like to be able to choose this as an option on Cronometer, instead of just using the 'unsweetened almond milk' option, as I'm pretty sure this is a breakdown of a fortified product. I found this info re nutritional breakdown of homemade almond milk, and wondered if this could be used to create a 'product' on Cronometer for homemade almond milk. I understand that it's possible to use the 'create your own recipe' option, but as the pulp of the almonds is thrown out at the end, it becomes a guessing game how many nutrients actually remain in the milk. https://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/custom/3155994/1


  • Based on the external nutrition data you found, the entry "Almond Milk, Plain, Original, Unsweetened" in the NCCDB probably has added vitamin A, D and calcium. I would create a copy of the NCCDB almond milk and fix those numbers. Should be fairly close after.


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