Add Apple Watch App/Widget

I really would LOVE to be able to glance at my watch to see my macros remaining for the day:

  • Calories
  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fat

A few specific suggestions:

  1. To speed development, focus on “display” of information only for version 1. Let’s walk before we run here, and you can work on adding data input later. Keep it simple and just focus on reporting information.

  2. A watch app that has a few visual screens you can swipe through would be great. Starting with something similar to the macro circles in the phone app. Swipe to get the bars. Swipe to get a trend chart. Something like that.

  3. And finally, complications would be great. Would be great if we could determine what macro to show in the complication since screen size is a factor. Adding a complication that just lists total calories consumed. or carbs for keto people. etc. Give us a choice in the app. (or have a toggle to choose “remaining” instead of “consumed”.



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