More Food Icons Shown on Diary

On my diary page, I have 4 icons; red apple, notepad, purple scale, & a blue guy. CAN YOU INSTALL a bunch of food icons? Similar to another
"lose it"-weight site. Like little emogies, (an egg for when the food item is mostly made of egg product, or a pickle, onion, milkshake, sandwich, or even toasted bread etc.etc. The icons could be selected when making a custom food or recipe. I think it will go great with the rest of your colorful site, it certainly more exciting than just red & purple.


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    Hi Wm_Wy1ONE,

    We have been having a discussion about the apple icons in the diary in the office lately.
    Currently we have icons for foods (apple), exercise (running person), biometrics (scale) and notes (notepad) or notes with photo attached (picture icon + notepad). Basically meant to distinguish the different types of items added to the diary.

    It would be great to get some user feedback on removing/replacing the apple icons for food - or not if people like them. Often times most items entered in your diary are foods, so there are more apples than anything else in your diary. Do you like the apples? Is it distracting or redundant, enjoyable or unnecessary?

    Creating additional icons for different types of foods, or maybe food categories sounds like a great idea to introduce more variety and visual information at the same time. Or would anyone like to see more white space and a sleeker visual design in the diary page?

    We appreciate the feedback!


    Karen Stark
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    I'd love some more icon. Especially for custom foods there should be a possibility to change the icon. The apples are nice but it's hard to distinguish stuff at a glance.

    I used my fitness pal before and it was a significantly worse app, however the large selection of icons for each custom food was very useful.

    Having a different icon for dairy, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and junk food would be really useful!

    Even better if you implemented a wider range of icons (like mfp)

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    Havin different icon for different food would be awesome

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