Chart multiple items in Charts in Mobile App

Hey folks,

Really nice job on the app and website. Former user of other apps, and really have falling in love with Cronometer. Hence upgrading to Gold.

Anyway - Have a feature request.

in the Mobile App (iPhone) - under Trends, and then swiping right twice to get to “Charts”. I think this chart could be much more valuable if we were able to chart 2-3 items simultaneously on the chart (showing 2-3 trend lines).

This would allow us to see some possible correlations.

That’s the first request, and seems it would be a minor effort. 😊

My second suggestion, which might be more involved, would be to enhance that chart, or add a 4th chart that allows us to chart multiple items from METRICS and NUTRITION. This would take the correlations/insights to the next level (although I know that “correlation does not equal causation” - I do like to look for trends).

For example, on one chart, I’d love to see:

  • Weight or Bodyfat
  • Total Energy
  • Calories Burned

Just some ideas to take the charting to the next level on the Mobile App.

Thanks for all the great work so far.


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