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If i remember correctly, in the old forum there was an request about adding custom nutrients that i find would be very useful. Nutrients like lithium, molybdenum, etc, could be added manually. Someone in the discussion made a even better suggestion, the program simply could add all vitamins, all types of minerals, all types of amino acids etc.
This could be very handy for those who use supplements.


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    hi @ralmcruz

    If you go to your profile and look at the nutrients section, you can control the visibility of the different nutrients that Cronometer tracks. Molybdenum is one of them, though we don't have an entry for lithium yet. Take a look over that section and make sure you have all the ones you want marked as "visible" That will allow you to see and track them throughout the app. We may not have all the ones you are looking for, but we also don't display all of them by default. Start there, then let us know which ones you would like to see :)



    Spencer D.
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