Entering Same Meal in Each Other's Diary

My husband and I are both Gold Subscribers. We eat the same meal together for dinner. Is there a way for me to enter my dinner in my diary and then copy it over to my husband's diary or vice-versa? Right now we are entering it twice - once in his and then again in mine.


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    Hi Amatista,

    There isn't a way to copy from one account and then paste it into another account directly.

    One trick that I use is to add my partner as a friend in Cronometer.
    In the Profile tab, find the Sharing section, then select Add Friend. Enter in your husband's email address to send a friend request. Once he accepts, you will be able to share custom foods and recipes.

    The next step is to create a custom recipe from all the items you have entered in to your diary for the meals that you shared. On the web version of Cronometer, hold the shift key in your diary to select multiple items at once. Next, right-click on the selected items to bring up a menu and choose Create Recipe From Selected Items.

    This will take you to the Food Editor with all the selected items already entered as ingredients in the recipe. I give it a name such as "Dinner Sept 6" and save.

    Then my partner can add this to their diary. He can also right-click on the recipe in the diary and choose Explode Recipe to quickly make adjustments to portion sizes.


    Karen Stark
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    Perfect. That's a good work around. Thank you!

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