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I've been using Cron-o-meter for a couple of weeks just to get the feel for how it works. I want to delete my data and start over because I want a fresh start toward using the program. How do I delete all of my diary data and weight entries and restart?



  • Hi Texasidol,

    I take each day as a new change to get a fresh start. Personally, rather than deleting all of my past data, I note the date that I made a dietary change. Then, when I look at my graphs in the Trends tab, I adjust the date range in my graphs to the date I started my new habits.

    I spent so much time on having a record of what I was eating and how I was exercising, and I like to look back in the past to see how I have improved over the years or make associations with how I was eating and how I felt about my overall health at the time.

    If you don't mind losing the data, you can delete your account entirely to get a fresh start. In the Profile tab, click on the gear icon in the Account Information section and choose Delete Account. This will remove everything from our system and allows you to create a new account using the same email address.

    WARNING: Do not go this route if you have a Gold subscription; when you delete your account you also delete the record of your Gold subscription and therefore it will not transfer to your new account when you create it.


    Karen Stark
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  • Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your reply. I agree that looking back at historical data is helpful to get the overall nutritional picture. It is a great way to really see what our trends and patterns are. However, I recently downloaded the app and was just playing around with the features rather than seriously entering accurate information. I didn't realize at the time there is apparently not a way to delete the information. Thank you for suggesting deleting my account (I'm not Gold, so this is a viable option for me). I thought about doing that but wasn't sure if I could rejoin using my same email address. You answered that question for me, so thank you!

    Have a super day!

  • I want to start over completely. I have been using Cronometer for years and years... but I want to start over, with my diagnosis of T2 diabetes. There should be a way to clear my data.

  • If you want to delete all the data you have put into Cronometer so far, you can delete your account and then create a new one with the same email address.
    You can delete your account by logging into the web version at Once logged in, go to the settings > Account and scroll down to the bottom.

    Keep in mind, though, you can define the date range when you generate reports so you may not need to delete your account to show your progress over a certain time period.

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  • This is silly. We should be able to delete our data if we are gold.

  • Sorry @KPisupati1963 - we will certainly keep your feedback in mind an perhaps we will be able to add an option for this in the future. We are chronic data nerds here at Cronometer, so deleting our hard-logged all time data makes us cringe a bit, but I have certainly heard of more people wanting to start anew. Just curious what your reason for deleting your data is, as I wonder if there is a better way to handle it thanfully deleting as having long term data can be really a powerful wealth of information for your health goals- maybe we could find a way to conserve your historical data while supporting your use of Cronometer moving forward.

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  • I"m brand new here, and it seems to be a minus that I'm working on the web as I don't have a smart phone. I goofed with my first entry - I put fried eggs, and it tells me I'm over the limit in trans fats, which I know is not accurate. I should have done two entries, one for the eggs and one for the olive oil, the only ingredients in that dish. I'm on here not to lose weight, but to find out my vitamin status and what supplements I should or shouldn't take, so am paying attention to that section. I also think I may have made a typo in my user name to come on here. :( Can I make corrections to my data??

  • I can only speak to the Android experience, but I can confirm that if you manage your subscription via the Google Play store and you delete your account, your subscription will not be affected. I just did it, myself.

    I came here to the web to delete all my historical data and decided just to delete my account entirely. I then went into the app and signed back up under the same email address I'd previously used. The app still recognizes me as a Gold subscriber.

    Hopefully this puts some fears to rest...

  • Hi @Kama you can certainly make changes to your diary entry! If you are using the web version, simply click the amount to edit it, or right click to delete the entry in your diary.
    Your trans fats will hit 100% with even only a small trace amount, as by default Trans fat targets are set at 0. You are of course always welcome to change your targets to accommodate your needs.
    Learn more about updating your targets here:

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  • Why is the transfat target set to 0? That implies a very strict diet, because the only people that will hit that target are careful vegans and some vegetarians who avoid even skimmed milk. I don't believe there is any studies showing that trace amounts of naturally occurring trans fat are dangerous, and plenty indicating some animal fat in the diet has benefits.

    There are a lot of things in cronometer that seem to nudge the user towards certain behaviours. Unless you are promoting a vegan lifestyle, knock that default value up a little. It is wrong to expect every user to do the research into every nutrient. And if that bar is red every day, it's not going to serve as a useful warning when someone consumes something that is contains hydrogenated fat. The bar will be red, but it was red yesterday and will be red tomorrow.

  • Hi jefmcg,

    Cronometer uses the recommendations from the USDA/Health Canada Dietary Reference Intakes for the default nutrient targets to get users started.

    This is just a jumping off point - all targets in Cronometer are customizable. You can edit all your targets and tailor your profile to meet your individual needs!

    Karen Stark
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  • edited January 2020

    Really? They advise 0.0000000000000g trans fat even though that is impossible if you eat meat or dairy?

    [Google google]
    "As low as possible while consuming a nutritionally adequate diet "
    "dietary advice to keep trans fat intake as low as possible"

    That is most explicitly not zero. I mean it's a judgement call exactly what as low as possible is, but if I add 1g of skim milk to my day, which is 3/100,000g of trans fat, it turns it red. 0 is definitely much than lower than "as low as possible"

    (I ignore it, because I don't eat any hydrogenated fats, but it clearly is worrying some users)

  • I think they try to make nutrition information easy to understand for the average person and leave out some of the finer details, sometimes. While naturally-occurring trans fats have not been shown to have the same effects on health that industrially-made trans fats have, this difference has not been well communicated to the public. Originally, the interpretation was industrially-produced trans fats offer no benefit whatsoever, so the recommendations were set to zero. They have updated the recommendations to keep trans fats as low as possible rather than 0.0000000000000g :p

    It would be fantastic to separate out the source of the trans fats in foods so that naturally-occurring trans fats wouldn't count towards your target! In the meantime, we are going to update the default targets in Cronometer for nutrients for which recommendations have recently changed from zero to 'as low as possible'.

    Karen Stark
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  • I would like to change or I update some of my goals and settings, but I would like to change it only going forward. But when you change it changes all the history. Is there an option to update or not update history? For example if you change or update a recipe, it asks if you would like to update past entries. But let’s say you start a new exercise program and change your activity level, it changes the activity level and calories burned in all the past for the new activity level. Is there anyway around this?

  • Hi @Afeka I agree, this would be fantastic! We have had other users request this as well and for good reason - would be a very powerful capability - we are hoping to add support for this in the future!

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  • @Afeka that is a great suggestion. I think one a day is marked as complete -it should not be changed. Would be nice to adjust things only going forward without messing with old data.


  • Any updates on these features?

  • Hi DaisyFit,

    We are working on this feature! We will give an update when we have it ready to go!


    Karen Stark
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  • any updates about this feature please?

  • Hi SSA,

    You can delete your account to wipe all data permanently, then sign up for a fresh account with your email address.

    Is there another feature you were interested in? There was some discussion of other features in this thread too.

    Karen Stark
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