Please add "Fasting Window" to Biometrics

This would be helpful to track the hours of a fast.


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    edited September 2018

    Hi Loonypapa,

    We are looking at adding a feature to change your energy/macro targets day to day. We think this will help keep track of fasting times as well. Thank you for your suggestion!

    If you would like to keep track of fasting as a biometric, you can get started right away! With a Gold subscription, you can create custom biometrics on the website. Select Add Biometric, then click the green + icon on the left. Give your Biometric a name, such as fasting and a unit of measurement, such as hours. Enter in a value to add the biometric to your diary. You can find your custom biometrics next time from the drop-down list of biometrics on both the website and mobile app.


    Karen Stark
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    Great idea. I use the 16/8 method but have never thought to track it as a biometric i.e. start time. I have been totally amazed at how this method aids in digestion and weight loss. I'm sure that most readers are familiar with this, but for those who might not be it relies on utilizing 16 hours of uninterrupted digestion. If your last meal of the day was at, say 7:00 pm, your next meal is delayed for 16 hours. In other words, all of your eating is done in an 8 hour period. It has helped me with evening snacking and late dinners. Tough at first, but well worth it.

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    Great idea to track fasting time. Maybe consider to add a calculation to the report showing time between meals (Last meal last day - first meal next day). It would add benefit for those who use timestamps.

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    I'd prefer to flip the metric and track eating window (instead of fasting time).... just another perspective. Cheers.

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    I also somewhat prefer eating window because it sounds cleaner to implement. Eating window typically falls within the same day whereas fasting window will usually span two!

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    OMG I didn't know about the custom biometric...awesome!!

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    Useful tip. Thank you.

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