Scotch FIllet

Hi I am in Australia and would like to know how do I record Scotch fillet steak. I see you have ribeye and it may be similar but I have no idea what lip on means etc... We eat this all the time with visiable fat. your help would be appreciated so I can match the closest macros


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    I enter my Scotch fillet as "Beef, Australian, Imported, Grass-Fed, Rib, Ribeye Steak, Roast Lip-On, Boneless, Separable Lean and Fat, Raw".

    The AUSNUT food database lists Scotch Fillet (Beef, scotch fillet, semi-trimmed, raw) as being 751 kJ[1] and about 22g protein, 10g total fat, 0 carbs. Beef, scotch fillet, untrimmed, raw is 883 kj, 22g protein, 14g fat.

    The USDA ribeye above (Food #218125, Data Source: USDAsr28:23316) is 908 kJ, 20g protein, 15g fat. So very close to the AUSNUT entry for untrimmed Scotch fillet. Close enough for me anyway. The only semi-significant difference is the energy is 25 kJ different (meh) and that can be accounted for by the 1g difference in fat between entries. Everything is based on average values anyway so at the end of the day I'd personally call them the same for all practical purposes.

    Hopefully that helps you decide.

    [1] All values are per 100g.

    Edit: I meant to add that "lip-on" means without the bones: so exactly like our Scotch fillet. You could use t-bone as an alternative because scotch fillet is basically half of the t-bone but then you have to account for the bone and that would be annoying (and probably end up the same as the ribeye entry anyway hehe!)


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