Vitamin K 2, and another request

Two requests:

  1. Will we eventually be able to track consumed Vitamin K 2 (MK-7, MK-4)?

  2. What is the chance of getting a new column added to the Diary screen so we can record notes to each individual entry on the Diary?



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    I am not sure that these requests received the attention of the Cronometer team member

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    Hi @mike

    Don't worry, we are paying attention :)

    On the vitamin K2 question, I don't believe there is a ton of data out there on how much most foods contain. @kkelly can correct me there if I am wrong. That said if it could be useful if you have that data when creating custom foods.

    I'll be adding both features to our list! Thanks for the suggestions.



    Spencer D.
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    Thirding :smile:


  • Seconding request #2

  • I agree! I know there is not much research on k2 food nutrition. But some can be found online at "The Ultimate K2 Resource' by Chris Masterjohn, PhD. It has a food search option.

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