Additional entries when right clicking (Web)

On the web version, when you right click, you get the option to 'Add Food'. However, in order to add biometrics, exercises, or notes, I have to click on the top of the screen where the Add Food, Exercise, Biometrics and Notes buttons are.

As it is currently set up, seems like a slight inconsistency. I could make an argument for one of two possible changes: The first is to add options when right clicking for adding exercise, biometrics and notes. This would eliminate a possible click, especially if you use the diary groups (available with a gold subscription). I often find myself placing focus on my diary groups, then adding food/exercise. When I don't do that, then my entries end up at the top group and have to be moved. When im on a computer, I will often left click on the diary group, then right click to add items. Then I remember that I cant add biometrics and have to move the mouse. The second change would be to just eliminate the possibility of adding food from the right click menu, and making all entries possible by clicking the top of the screen. This would also make the web version somewhat consistent with the mobile version, in that there is only one location on either to add entries to the diary. On mobile, you click on the + button. On web, you click one of the 4 buttons at the top of the screen. In either case, they're always in the same place.



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    Thanks for the suggestions Tim! We are working on some updates for the dairy page so we will keep your suggestions in mind while making these changes!

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    edited September 2018

    I would so so much like this!! in fact, this constant scrolling up and down is one of the biggest time losses for anyone having more than a handful of entries per day! And talking with friends, guess what is the single most often heard complaint why they abandoned Crono? Because it costs too much time!
    PS: I was the one who suggested to put the "add..." into the context menu. I am glad that the add food was implemented. Unfortunately, I couldnt convince to put there an add... for the rest. Hope never dies :)

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