How can two people using the same email address use Cronometer?

Is there a way for husband and wife who share the same email address to register for Cronometer?


  • If you share a password you could each use the account....

    But one account isn't setup to manage two people's daily nutrition....

    So you could double everything (macros and what not) but still you wouldn't be able to see what each of you ate.

    Probably best to setup two accounts IMO.

    If one of you went gold, you could easily share recipes with each others accounts.

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    That's why I wish for a family account with family member tags ... one could also add children & dependents one cares for (caregivers) who don't have emails at all usually ...
    Even with the Pro, you'd need to set up another email address.
    I just opened this feature request. If you would like to see the feature, please
    post your need and description of what would help your needs in the comments ...
    Maybe we get enough people together who have this problem to make the crono of the meter move ;-)

  • I am a care giver of someone unable to use a computer. Would love to be able to monitor their food intake via chronometer along with my own. We do not eat the same things or if they are the same, different amounts.

  • Possible subscribe to gold and add custom meal times instead of breakfast lunch dinner. About as good as your going to get I think

    And use the sub totals to track

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