Family member / dependent tags in Gold account (either free or with additional cost)

I would still like to see a possibility or add family members and other dependents (great for caregivers) in the Gold account.
Those individuals sometimes don't have emails ... and it would be much more practical to have access (desktop & mobile) to all family members. Just imagine someone with 4 kids and a grandma to take care of and to have to switch between all the accounts... The Pro version is not really a solution, as the mobile capability is really helpful, if one really ones to maintain the account. Why not to add an additional family member tag at cost xy ... ? One extra family member free, and every other cost xy would be great ... just as examples.


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    Hi @TheVeryHungryMommy

    One solution you could use since you have a pro account is to create internal profiles. These profiles do not need to have emails associated with them and you can name them according to each family member. The catch is that you have to go into those profiles and log the food for that individual. If your family all have access to the account, they could do this individually so you aren't logging everything for them.

    Hope that helps, and thank you for the suggestion.



    Spencer D.
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    That sounds interesting! I didn't know that was possible and I will look into it! Thank you, Spencer!
    There are still some refreshing issues. I just had my son's client open and it displayed my weight development with my son's food diary ... I'll message you the screen shot.

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