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first sorry for my english ....
I made a homemade tomato sauce and the total weight of the food used is 1560 gr.
  The problem is that the final weight of the sauce, when it is already cooked, is 880 gr. It is a sauce that I will not use in a single occasion so I do not know how I can introduce it as a recipe so that the total weight is 880 gr and thus see in total.
Thanks for your help


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    Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish and my English is very poor

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    Hi Soraya,

    Unfortunately we do not have a way to calculate the cooked weight of a recipe from the raw ingredients. There are a few strategies to deal with this from other users:

    1. For mixed dishes, measure the weight of each of the cooked ingredients and use the cooked values when you create your recipe in Cronometer.

    2. Use serving-based rather than weight-based servings in your recipe. If you are able to divide your recipe into number of servings, you could get the nutrient values per serving vs weighing out your portion sizes.

    3. Weigh your raw ingredients, then weigh the cooked recipe. Add water as an ingredient to your recipe, and enter in a negative serving size equal to the difference between raw-cooked. With the final weight matching your cooked recipe, you can weight out each serving an record that in your diary.


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you very much for answering my question. In the end what I did was put as a portion the final weight of the food so 50 gr are 50 servings. (the final weight of the sauce was 880 gr, so I put 880 prociones), if I want to eat 50 gr I put 50 servings and that's it ...... I think that's how it works perfectly.

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