Advise on entering lemons into CronoMeter

I am hoping someone can direct me on the best way to enter lemons into Cronometer. I put one half of a lemon, with peel and pitted, into my shake each day. I use the NCCDB entry for lemon but also add the NCCDB lemon peel entry. I only add the second entry, for peel, because I do not know if the lemon entry includes the peel in its micronutrients. Does anyone out there have any knowledge about this question? Thanks much


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    Hello @wadegrimm ,

    It looks like you are doing it right!

    Our values are per edible portion, so that would mean without the skin and pits for fruits that we would normally remove the peel before eating, for example bananas and citrus. The skin is included as part of the edible portion for fruits such as nectarines and plums. For some fruits, such as apples, we have the values for the fruit ''With Skin'' and ''Without Skin''.

    For example, the NCCDB values for lemon would be for the fruit without the peel and seeds. If you are consuming the peel, you need to add a second entry for the peel, just as you are already doing :smile:


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    Thank yougof cnfirming my suspicion. Will keep doing it the way i gave been. 👍🤠

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