The ability to share data on facebook

I'd love to be able to put my the days results on the facebook, share the good news for when I am a good boy and to be held accountable for when I am a schmuck.
Would also serve as free advertising.
Perhaps the short version [calories, P/F/C] to show on the facebook post with a link to the day's data for those with an interest in more information.


  • Thanks for the suggestion @Keymash !

    I'll add that to the feature list (I think we have something like that on there already), but in the meantime you can always take a screenshot of your diary or daily nutrition and post it that way. I am sure you will feel just as bad when you post days that you didn't stick to your plan :)

    Spencer D.
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • I post a summary in text now as it is. I just look forward to adding more information for any nutrition geeks that might be on my friends list although I am probably the only one.

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