Vegan Ketosis

Has anyone tried it?

I did it for 2 months and it went amazing. I lost 7.3lbs of pure body fat. Verified by using a colleges bodpod to test BF during the 2 months.

It would not have been possible without cronometer.

I was able to narrow down everything right where it should be.


  • Curious what were the main foods you used? I imagine you can get a decent vegan keto diet off of a base of avocados, nuts, olive & other vegan oils, leafy greens.

    Lacto-Ovo vegetarian is much easier when you can add eggs and cheese. I imagine vegan keto repertoire could get a little repetitive.

  • @Aaron, I guess I have Keto defined wrong... sorry. I eat normal WFPB lowfat in the evening then fast for 16 to 22 hours. so not Keto after looking it up. But the WFPB intermittent fasting worked wonders for me.

  • I think you'd have to be in cahoots with a Mexican avocado farmer in order to get enough potassium.

    Those guys don't shut up about potassium.

  • Have any of you looked into the "Fasting Mimicking Diet" designed by USC Professor Valter Longo? It is included in his recent book, "The Longevity Diet". I think it qualifies as short-term "vegan keto" as it is 100% plant based and he states that it induces ketosis, which in this case is a step toward the goal of inducing autophagy for its many benefits, which may include weight loss. It is a 5 day program with reduced calories and restricted protein and carbs, meant to be repeated monthly or quarterly depending on one's needs.

    Autophagy means "to eat oneself", and is a recycling of the protein you already have in your body, but which is not in properly functioning cells, sort of a house cleaning - and upon refeeding, a rebuilding process is initiated which is shown to trigger new stem cells and to renew organs... sounds bizarre but is all science-based.

    Having read that book, my interest in joining Cronometer was initially to help me better "mimic" the "Fasting Mimicking Diet" (after trying it on a spreadsheet). It is not well defined in the book, as apparently it was in the Italian version of the book and it initiated lawsuits it seems, but I have found others on the web who have found the macros and have devised their own menus...

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