How many people on here are on the keto diet?



  • I am!

    I've been on a ketogenic diet for nearly 12 months, lost 37kgs and feel fantastic. Lipid tests all in range, BGL is 4.8 most mornings, and my LCHF doctor says I don't need to see him for another 12 months. I've been on maintenance for about 3 months and I found Cronometer very useful for monitoring my macros. Its an awesome app!

  • I am!

    I'm down 64 lbs since Sept 1st on the Ketogenic eating plan. Using cronometer has made it easy to monitor my macros and micros keeping them in order. Until you have a tool like cronometer you don't realize how lacking the std American diet is in supporting your body. Between the Keto lifestyle and the nutritional guidance and control I get from cronometer I'm feeling better than I have for many years.

  • I am!


    How you calculate carbs, and macros, i am doing Ketogenic from last 2 months and reduced some weight, still i need some clarity,

    If anyone can help me plz

  • I am!

    If you are using Cronometer just go to your settings tab and select the profile tab. I have the Ketogenic and Low Carb boxes checked under the Diet heading. Then go to the Targets tab. Under Macronutrients I have the Ketogenic Calculator selected and I'm tracking net carbs without sugar alcohols. I have Rigorous selected under select your keto program. You can also set it up with your own parameters.

  • I am!

    I have been doing Keto for over two months and have only lost 12 pounds but my body has changed quite a bit. Is this typical?

  • Nope, trying another method.

    I just realized that this is a zombie thread...

  • I am!

    I also just realized that......4 months later than you

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    I am!

    Yeah, but us zombies are still here... Down nearly 80 lbs and maintaining since Sept of last year. I learned so much from Cronometer about my eating habits and what I get nutritionally from the regular foods I eat that I don't need to fill in my daily entries any more. I just use it for recipe checks and new foods. Still an incredible tool for teaching us zombies how to drag a foot through life/death in a healthy manner. :-)

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