Cronometer helped my fat-loss journey

Early in the summer I was 88 kg. My clothes were getting too tight! I am 58 and didn't want to get a new wardrobe. Over the course of the summer I started my 5bx exercise routine that I have followed off and on through the years. Then I read about HIIT and started to do 3 sets of my 5bx in the evening without having supper and then going to bed hungry and having a good breakfast the next morning. Eventually I switched to eating only in the evening and only eating after exercising. This was because my wife didn't like eating by herself. Later I discovered that this is called intermittent fasting (and I thought that I was the only one doing this!)
Anyway, I stalled at 78 k. Was there for 3 weeks. One Sunday I was fasting (a monthly religious two meal fast that we Mormons do) and I just decided to keep doing it. As I fasted, I read up on fasting and discovered that I was doing a 'dry' fast and that doing this for an extended period would result in being in a state called Ketosis which results in body fat being used as fuel source. So I bought some keto strips ($9 for 100 strips at London Drugs) and found that I was in ketosis in my second day of the fast. I ended my fast after 84 hours weighing 73 k and followed the keto diet for 10 days after that. I ended up at 73 k with a 33 inch waist. At that point I stopped because my clothes weren't fitting anymore. (Oh the irony!) I'm not going to complain too loud though because I can run like the wind again having dropped 15 k over 3 months.
The cronometer app and gold membership really helped me with the keto diet part because I had no clue about what foods met the keto criteria. I am firmly convinced that fast loss (and gain) is a function of diet more than it is exercise and cronometer is the first thing that I will turn to.


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