Nutrition information displayed in ml using the European label

I am adding an liquid food for the first time (coconut milk) and I can't seem to be able to use ml in the Europ. label nutrinional chart? (instead of for 100g I'd like to see for 100ml
Is it even possible?

Thank you :)


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    I drink a lot of water, but that comes in US style oz or grams. I really would like to be able to use litres.

    Also, yesterday i drank Alpro chocolatmilk which was fortunately in ml, but that added nothing to my daily water, while the bread with cucumber did. I'm quite sure there is more moisture in something one drinks than in something one eats. (excepting alcohol & coffee)


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    This is a great feature request that we would love to implement!

    @leaf when you are adding brand name products, the nutrition information is usually based on the label information only - and water is not a required nutrient to list on packaging labels. Best bet, is to enter in a generic version of the foods and beverages from the NCC or USDA sources which will include water in the nutrients listed. You may be surprised how much of your daily water intake comes from foods you eat, in addition to all that coffee ;)

    Karen Stark
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    I also would like ml, but take the artitude that liquids are more or less the same liquidity, so I just weigh out 100g instead of 100ml. The fun starts when people make recipes where they are using ml for non lquids like almond flour or yoghurt, where mass is a factor. When I have time, I compare g/ml, and I would say there isn't too much in it unless you are measuring something heavy like peanut butter!

    I prefer grams because that's most accurate and you just weigh everything, but also have all sorts of cups etc to cover all the recipes I use. The problems arise when recipes go a bit 'hybrid', a bit of this and a bit of that....

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    You said you'd like to add this feature nearly two years ago, I notice some foods in your db are in mL but I can't seem to create custom foods in mL?

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