Is there a way to share entries?

I'm making dinner for a friend and would like to share the nutrition info. Is this possible without creating multiple recipes for the meal? I have a gold membership, the other person has a regular membership.


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    Hi Kiki,

    You can share your recipes with a friend. Go to the Profile tab and find the Sharing section. Select 'Add Friend' and enter in your friend's email address. They will receive an email invitation to accept the request.

    You can view and modify your friends in the sharing section, if you wish to change your settings at any time.

    Once your friend has accepted your request you will be able to search for one another's custom foods and recipes when adding foods to your diary. Select the 'Custom Foods' tab to making find custom foods and recipes easier.


    Karen Stark
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    I too would like to share / have access to food without having to create a custom recipe. For example, I scan a new food into my app. My partner doesn't have access to that, and has to scan it too. I was hoping to avoid this by going gold, but so far no luck.

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