How do I read the a red target?

For the second day in a row my calcium target is red and it's over 200%. How do I interpret this exactly?



  • 200% means you've taken in double the minimum target (RDA).
    Red means you've exceeded the maximum target (upper limit).

    At ~200% calcium it should still be a tolerable level without adverse effects, but there's no need to add any more calcium-rich food. You may also want to watch for your average calcium:magnesium balance.


  • As @Vickie said, if a nutrient is in the red, you've surpassed the tolerable upper limit, which is the highest intake of a nutrient where no adverse effect is seen.

    The adverse effects from excessive intakes vary significantly with each nutrient. For example, excess vitamin C can cause diarrhea, whereas excess calcium can cause hypercalcemia (excess calcium is deposited where it shouldn't be).

    If you are consistently hitting 2000 mg of calcium per day, I would scale back supplements/foods intake to be around 1000-1500 mg per day (unless indicated otherwise from your family doctor).

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    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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