Inaccurate FitBit Calories Burned?

How does Cronometer connect with FItbit to track movement? Cronometer religiously says I have burned WAY more calories above my BMR than Fitbit does. Which throws my whole diary off. How do I know which app is more accurate? Thanks!


  • Hi Chelseat79,

    The first thing to check is your activity level settings in your Profile.

    If you are using an activity tracker to record your exercise and activity throughout the day, we recommend setting your activity level to 'none' in the profile tab to avoid double-counting your calories burned from exercise. Let us know if helps!


    Karen Stark
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  • ill give it a try and let ya know. Thanks!

  • I have set my activity level to None in cronometer, I have had it linked to my fitbit for a year, but I am not getting accurate calories burned in cronometer as of 2 days ago. 11/15 was a 200 calories burned difference, and today it is 1007! calorie difference! Please help, this is throwing my calculatuons way off.
    Thank you

  • I've been having the same problem as well. A Fitbit workout that registers as 198 calories in Fitbit gets imported into Cronometer as -578 calories. It also automatically imports "Fitbit activity" of zero minutes, but shows a calorie burn of -224. I have my activity level set to None in Cronometer as well. As the OP stated, it really throws your whole diary off for the day, and if you try to correct it in Cronometer, it keeps getting overwritten when they sync again. Any ideas of how to correct this?

  • Pain in the rear. Ok, I figured out how to correct it manually at least, you have to do your own math, And wait until the day is over 😑. You can take your fitbit calories, subtract your cronometer calories, and add back any fitbit activity count registered that you then manually enter the count when you edit your fitbit activity in cronometer. Grrrr..please someone fix this. I have liked Cronometer, been a premium purchaser, and I have highly reccomended it to others. I am getting ready to assist someone with getting and using the Cronometer tool, but I am hesitant to now....

  • Hello @Tom_G & @Rajn . You should not need to do any manual calculations. If this is the case, this is a problem with our link with Fitbit, or you may need to change your activity level settings. Please ensure you have set your activity level to "None" if you are linked with a wearable activity tracker. If your activity level is set to none, and you are still experiencing issues, please email [email protected] with screenshots of these conflicting numbers from both your Cronometer and Fitbit diaries. Thanks

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  • Hi Hilary,
    I emailed screenshots of both my cronometer and fitbit diaries from yesterday showing a calories burned difference of 641. Like I stated in my previous comment in this thread, yes, my activity level in Cronometer IS set to none.
    I forgot to include in the email to support, that I manually adjusted the fitbit activity level to reflect the correct calories burned for the day after I sent the email with the screenshots.
    Thank you for your help with this issue!

  • I'm having same problem. just started this week. Fitbit active mninutes/calories is imoprted and update for part of the day but then stops.

  • Thanks for reporting, @Steverino ! Our developers are looking into this issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding! Can I ask if you are using the mobile or web version of Cronometer? Would you mind emailing [email protected] with screenshots of your Fitbit diary vs. Cronometer diary on the days you have seen mistakes?

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  • edited November 2018

    Android mobile but i tried web site last night. Mobile been giving me weird errors when unlinking and relinking fitbit account, so i did on web site last night with no error. Hopefully, that did the trick.

    I did open a case with support and they said they are experiencing some fitbit sync issue and to unlink/relink using web site,

  • Thanks for the info @Steverino the error you have seen when trying to link via mobile has been resolved. Please email [email protected] if you continue to see this error in the future.

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