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Hi all, according to my weight loss goal I need a deficit of 499kCal per day.
My amount of activity varies a lot but most days I'm working out enough to make fixed kc targets unrealistic.
So im trying to work out how to get my protein (~160g) and let the carbs and fats sort out naturally with whole foods and a bit of creative food prep etc.
Problem is that when I look at my diary there doesn't seem to be a gauge or meter that tells me how close I am to my target deficit - only consumed vs burned.
Therefore I could be 2150 consumed and 2680 burned and I have to press the targets icon to see the text "for your weight goal you can eat..."
Is that right or is there a way to see the target as a percentage of your deficit target rather than cal in cal out?
Hope this makes sense.
Still new to this so I'm probably missing something.
Obviously I can just do the subtraction of 500 but it woildnt always be such a round easy number.

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    Hi WilleCoyote,

    It sounds like Dynamic Targets might be a good fit for you.
    This will calculate your energy and macros based on the calories you have burned each day to help you plan your diet when your energy target might vary day-to-day.

    If you want your weight loss goal to be more obvious in your targets, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the Calories Summary/Macronutrient Targets area.
    Tick the box next to 'Show Weight Goal', shown here:

    On the mobile app, you can show your weight goal by tapping the Targets icon, then Settings in the top right corner. Turn on 'Show Weight Goal'. To see your calorie target including your weight goal, swipe the top banner to the left twice to this screen:


    Karen Stark
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