Custom Recipe weight based vs. servings based

I'm wondering if there is any benefit to using weight based vs. servings based (or vice versa) when creating recipes especially when it comes to recipes, like a couple that I use, that do not have a specific serving size listed/recommended.


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    Hi Crono_C,

    These options are meant to make it easier for you to add serving sizes that you use often. Some users like to weigh out all their portions, while others like to divide the recipe into convenient serving sizes. It's really up to your preference!


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you Karen for the response. That makes sense. As a new cronometer user, that is what I'm still trying to figure out - what constitutes/determines a serving size is. Before now, a serving size has typically been whatever it is I serve, meaning it's not always what the recipe or label says. And, because I make most meals from scratch, there isn't a serving size per se that I can refer to. So, for now, it seems that weighing is best as well checking with cronometer to see what the ratios are for whatever portion it is that I serve in regards to the macro/micronutrients. Not sure if that makes sense...playing and learning with the program as I go.

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