Will you accept recipes for publishing to the general database?

I am guessing that to properly vet a recipe submission, you would have to have a staff with a lab kitchen to follow the recipe exactly and verify the amounts that would produce the nutrients claimed by the submitter. Is that a possibility?


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    Hi @Bookwyrmb

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll add it to the list of requests.

    We have a curation team that vets foods that are submitted to our database, and they do a great job of sorting through tons of submissions every day. As for recipes, you can share recipes you have created with other users by inviting them as a friend (you have to know their email address to do that).

    Spencer D.
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    I hope that if this feature gets implemented, there's an option to filter these entries out of search results.

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    I think a good idea would be that it be a separate search altogether. One search is "Search Foods" the other would be "Search Recipes."

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    Guys, what with GDPR and and the obvious privacy issues surrounding emails, why not make it possible to share via username, eliminate the privacy issues and unlock the power of this fantastic platform to allow people to share freely across the forums?

    I am sure you can appreciate the time savings would help sell your platform to more freebie users as the time it takes to enter this stuff is a real issue. I understand the accuracy of ingredients would not always be accurate due the fact some ingredients might not be available to the person you are sharing with, but still, as long as they can edit to customize to suit their local food chains, I think the sharing feature would vastly help sell your platform unhampered by the email privacy issue

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