Nutritionix database misreports carbohydrates

I've noticed that Nutritionix food items consistently show incorrect carbohydrate values for European foods. It seems they fail to realize that carbohydrate values on European labels are net carbs and do not include fibre.

A few examples:
"Dorset Cereals, Spelt Flakes Muesli, Toasted",Food #2994839, Data Source: Nutritionix:598d57249ba0961f069f4640 (compare Food #3841992, Data Source: CRDB, which is correct, and https://www.dorsetcereals.co.uk/things-we-make/product/tasty-toasted-spelt-flakes-muesli/ )
"Ovaltine, Malt Drink, Original Light",Food #3555678, Data Source: Nutritionix:57630604541d90f66f3ec463
"Clipper, Instant Hot Chocolate",Food #4565730, Data Source: Nutritionix:57a19719b5d781c10a31cddf


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