How do i print my nutrition report?


  • Hi Jaiden,

    You could print the webpage by right-clicking the page and selecting print or using the shortcut Ctrl+P (on a PC).


    Karen Stark
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  • @Karen_Cronometer i apreciate your help but I meant more of a food tracker report, a nutrition report, and a nutrient report. The only problem is I have no idea what that is! Thank you.

  • Oh ok, I will describe some options that we have and hope one of these is what you are looking for.

    The Nutrition Report - gives you a summary of your average intake over the time range of your choosing in relation to your nutrient targets.

    One of the premium features that you get with a Cronometer Gold membership is access to a Full Report in the Trends tab. This will give you a comprehensive report in which you can choose to include:

    1. Your profile summary - a title page showing your basic profile information
    2. Nutrition Summary - a summary of the average daily nutrition values for the selected time period (just like the nutrition report)
    3. Your daily diary - Includes each day from your diary in the selected time period, and options to include:
      - Calories Summary
      - Nutrients Summary
      - Nutrient Balances
    4. Charts - Include charts of your biometrics and nutrient consumption over time.

    You can also access all of your data in csv format if you like to play around with your data. Go to the Profile tab and select the gear icon in the Account Information section. Choose Export Data. Choose a date range and then select Export Servings to download a file containing the nutrition information for all the foods you have entered.

    Let me know if there is anything else you are looking for!


    Karen Stark
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