One hundred, thirty-seven pounds gone with Cron-O-Meter metrics!

I started out at 320 pounds and now weigh 183. I have only 28 pounds to go to get to goal and I have relied on the very specific and detailed information provided through Cron-O-Meter. I have recommended it to all my followers and many have switched. I love that all the info in your data based has been verified! I love how the amounts of micronutrients and macronutrients are not rounded off. I just love the confidence I get from having such a precision tool with which to not only track my food and supplements, but also to record various biometrics, photos, notes, and to print charts for my doctor. Thank you!


  • Wow! Congratulations on your success in your weight-loss journey! Your dedication has paid off! Glad to hear Cronometer has helped!

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  • Agreed, I love it for all the same reasons as you do! Admittedly, the data tends to be a little different to what the supermarket packaging states, but for me personally, I'm happy to accept the small differences in calories/fat/protein/carbs between my UK food packaging and the cronometer US data in order to benefit from data that actually has info about the micronutrients. Also, I've found that if I was less interested in my micronutrients and more interested in a closer match between the cals/carbs/prot/fat then the EU database is pretty good (but has 26 nutrients listed per food item as opposed to the US database of 79). Though I only tend to log "whole foods" I suspect logging something like bread would make a huge difference, given how different UK and US bread tastes :smiley:

  • Yikes, that makes my 50 lb. loss look like nothing! Congrats on a stellar achievement.

    Live Longer ….. Eat Less

  • A year plus later and I have arrived at my goal weight a few months ago and then dipped below to 146 from that original weight of 320.5. I am fluctuating here during the holiday eating challenges between 149-159. Cronometer helps me keep it real. My weight is rarely a surprise as I can predict it by staying true to logging everything. I’m giving myself a little leeway now and know my exact plan for January 2.

  • Amazing, congratulations and well done! I have lost 15 pounds using this ap. and changing to a 100% Whole Foods Plant Based diet but still have about 20 to go to hit my goal.

  • Congratulations on your weight loss, keep up with the new lifestyle.

  • Congratulations!

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