Not all nutrient listed

Hi all, I’m frustrated because even a very common food like broccoli is not showing chromium in the nutritional profile. This non listing of micro nutrients is responsible prevalent. Can I ask why? And, does this site listen to this kind of complaint, and take action?


  • Hi @Munchies,
    Our listing for "Broccoli, Raw" contains lab analysed data from the NCCDB. You can learn more about our data sources here:
    Unfortunately the NCCDB does not contain data for chromium for this listing.
    If we do find data from one of our sources for chromium in broccoli we will certainly add it to the database.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Hi Hilary, that’s very helpful, thank you for your reply. It makes sense that produce grown in depleted soils will not contain the missing trace minerals. It’s a concerning situation but I’d rather have accurate data than something designed to appease my box ticking, (checking), mindset.


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