Using the iPad app, entering a new recipe

Am new to Cron-o-meter as well as to Keto, Macros, etc. I entered a new recipe to the iOS app, then tried to log it as a meal, but couldn’t find it to add it. Please advise how to do it using the app, or should I enter a new recipe on my PC? At any rate how do I get to use any recipe info that I’ve entered in order to track it?


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    You can add your recipe to your diary as you would add a food!
    Once you have added your details to your recipe, make sure you save it!

    To add a food to your diary, open the bottom console by using the + button in the bottom center of your screen. Tap ‘Add Food’ to use the text based search. You can refine your search by using the "Custom" foods tab to only search your own custom foods and recipes.

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    I discovered the problem was that my recipe entry contained the French spelling of the word Créole yet when I tried to find it to log that meal using the standard English spelling which does not contain an accent over the letter ‘e’ . The odd thing was that when I looked it up on the website I found my recipe readily, accent or not.

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