Are the carbs in the "Calories Summary" section reflect "Net carbs" or "Total carbs"?

Are the carbs in the "Calories Summary" section reflect "Net carbs" or "Total carbs"?
My impression is that these are "Total carbs". If I set my macronutrients to "net carbs" it does not give me real indication of what I consumed thru the day. Please correct me if I am wrong and if I am not, is there a way to make it reflect the net carbs? Thanks in advance!


  • You can choose!
    On the web version of Cronometer, navigate to the Profile tab and scroll down to the section labeled 'Macronutrient Targets'. Here, you can choose to toggle to Net Carbs or Total Carbs. You can also choose whether to include or Exclude Sugar alcohols in your net carb count.
    On the Mobile version of Cronometer, go to the Profile tab, scroll to the 'Settings' section, and choose 'Edit Macronutrient Targets'. Then toggle on/off net carbs and sugar alcohols.

    If you have chosen Net Carbs, the Calories summary section should indicate net carbs.
    The Nutrient targets section will list total carbs and net carbs separately.

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  • Thank you Hilary! :)

  • Hi there, I do all that (above), but it is bothersome that although I carefully calibrate my macros in Cronometer (currently 17% protein, 38% net carbs, 45% fat, I cannot get Cronometer to display in the macro wheel the net carbs, it only displays my overall carbs, which defeats my purpose of trying to meet a net carb statistic. How do I get the wheel to display the carb form I chose? I don't want to have to recalculate my actual net carb percentage vis-a-vis fats and protein every single day. Otherwise what is the point of choosing to track net carbs?

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