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I would love the option to select a dark theme in the web client. The white background is a bit much on a large screen or late at night.


  • Thanks for your feedback @FlusterFuzz we will add this to our list of feature requests.


    Karen Stark
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  • much appreciated!!

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    Wonderful idea, @FlusterFuzz ! Both for the app and for the web version, please! While one can easily do many things to get less eye impact (lower screen brightness, blue light filter, etc) these options are all crap: anyone who has ever tried these will have made the experience that they all reduce contrast, so one just sees less.

    There is only one way to keep contrast high AND reduce eye impact: a dark theme that features a black background and white letters.

  • App with dark theme

  • Great Idea even its not a dark theme and just something with more colour would be great the white is just to much.


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