Another newbie nutritional geek

Just got going on Cronometer a couple days ago. I've been using MyFitnessPal but was not getting the full nutritional info I wanted. Boy now I am... LOL! What a great resource and way to really take control of the nutritional needs for your body. Thank you to the creators of this app!!


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    Me too, previously used My FitnessPal for years. This really teaches so much more about food. It takes time; I'm enjoying learning.

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    I hang out on the forums at MFP but yeah, their food diary/database set-up is dismal, with all the incorrect entries etc. It's also pretty limited for tracking micros, which most people don't care about, but I'm doing the DASH protocol and want to see where I'm coming in on things like potassium and magnesium.

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    Yeah, it is a bit of work but I have set up many custom recipes/foods that shortcut a lot of the entry work. I've switch over from the std American diet (terrible eating) to the Ketogenic strategy. I now realize what I was doing to myself all these years following what was recommended by people that have no clue about nutrition. Cronometer has opened my eyes to just how rotten and nutritionless my old diet was.

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