The Oracle search incomplete and omitting results

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Hello, when using the Oracle to get a list of foods with the highest amount of a certain nutrient (potassium in legumes products in this instance) the results are not all inclusive.

As you can see in the attached picture, when I select a list of 25 (Left), the items in the 700-1400 range are omitted. If I change the list to display a 100 results(Right), then they are included, but it's still not perfect. There seems to be a bug here.

Also as a suggestion, could a option be added to refine the search to custom or favourited foods? That would help solve the problem as well as removing extraneous foods that are unwanted in the list.

Edit: I don't know if my image is linked, so here is the direct link: https://ibb.co/3sJ1BCp

I'm using the Android app latest version


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    Hi Brent,

    How do you rank your search results and are you searching all categories, or limiting your search? We will look into this further.

    That's a great idea to include the option to search your custom and favorite foods.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen,

    The results were ranked by highest amount per 100g, and limited to legume and legume products. In the before and after searches all that was changed was the number of results per list: 25 to 100.

    In my example the 25 list _ex_cludes a whole lot of higher value items. It's seems to me that that's some sort of bug in the sorting algorithm.

    I hope this gets fixed, and also if my favourites/custom category idea for the oracle search can be implemented.

    Thank you

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