Protein suggestion seems out?

I'm doing keto and LOVING cronometer's useful guide to my macronutrient targets. However 3 other websites have all suggested I should be having at least 100g of protein per day based on my weight, height etc, but cronometer suggests only 53g when on the keto/high fat setting. I'm confused as to why and how I edit this.


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    Dynamic targets such as the Ketogenic setting are based on your Profile details. Ensure you have entered the correct age, height, weight, BMR, and activity level. You should also add a body fat percentage for correct calculation.
    Ensure you have chosen the correct keto settings for your needs as well. These are configurable, and you can choose from Rigorous, moderate or custom based on your needs. Learn more here: https://cronometer.com/help/diary/#macros
    Keep in mind, Cronometer is to be seen as a tool to track consumption and all targets we have set by default are not for everyone. If you have different needs you are welcome to make the changes based on your healthcare professional's recommendation or personal preference.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    if you press on the protein bar i think it gives you the option to edit the goal. the day may need to be marked incomplete for this to happen., in my app you can toggle between day incomplete and day complete by pressing on the setting wheel in the upper right of the diary page. Too much protein is stressful to kidneys and your body can convert protein to sugar, which will stop ketogenesis, so i imagine those are reasons why some diet gurus may put it to a lower level than others. Consult with a doctor or nutritional expert to see what is your best number for protein intake.

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