Target at 100% coloured yellow not green

I have found that when I reach a nutrient target and manage to get the exact same intake as the target, then the nutrient displays 100% but is coloured yellow. Is this a setting I have that I can fix, or is it a glitch?


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    Hi Sicahjes,

    Are you using Cronometer on the website or mobile app (android or iOS)?
    For which nutrient targets have you noticed this happening?
    It could be that the value is just slightly under 100% of your target, but is rounded up to show 100.
    Would you mind sending a screenshot to support@cronometer.com so we can look into this further?


    Karen Stark
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    Hello, My issue was with iron. I also noticed the issue on the web browser, I didn't check the app.

    Unfortunately, I have added information to yesterday's record which has changed it, and I can't think of the variables to roll it back. So I've duplicated a test (see below).

    I do remember that I had the target set to 12mg, and when I hovered over the bar to show the breakdown it listed my total at 12.0mg. It is now 16.2mg, so it can record decimal places. As such, I don't think it was an issue of rounding up, as the web portal allows decimal places.

    I was just playing around and entered in values for copper and iron to get an exact 100% intake. For copper the bar is green, for iron it is yellow. I'm thinking this is a bug.

    I'll send through the screenshots.

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